Battlefield 5 aim assist auto rotation

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Battlefield 5 aim assist auto rotation

battlefield 5 aim assist auto rotation

Accepting bugs, glitches, TTK 2. And it's cool, I still enjoy the core game. Sure, I'm not the best ever 2. As I started with a 0. Why is this so important to me to mention? Because it just feels great, if you worked on your skill. Movement, anticipation, choice of the right gun for each situation, knowing when to engage and much more.

But most important: aim. Especially with a controller.

Aim Assist Rotation

The core gameplay kept me entertained and coming back. Every successful round was challenging, satisfying and therefore fun. Now, with the reintroduction of the snap-on aim assist, you take a huge part of that away.

Sure, I can just turn it off for myself, but every encounter I now lose, I will always have this nagging thought in my head: "They only managed to do that, because of the snap-on. In short: it's an aim bot for noobs. And it wasn't for 13!!!

Skill was important. And now — sneakily — it was reintroduced on consoles. No explanation.

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No details. Not even officially mentioned in the patch notes a HUGE change like that?! I'm a bit frustrated by the fact that it is back, but also how it was done. The milk has been spilt and you are free to change your stance on game design decision.

But is there a chance to at least get a bit more info now? Source: Original link. Hello everyone. I'm copying this post from the forums here for more visibility. The developers have been receptive to potentially adding deadzone options in another post here, so that issue might be addressed, but theses other elements would be nice to see addressed as well.

I just finished Far Cry 5 and my only question is Why is so necessary to remove all realism from the game? Why is so necessary to treat your players like lazy morons?

Why is so necessary to ruin all of…. This subreddit is filled with criticism and plain and simple whine lately.It looks like you're new here.

If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Categories Discussions. September 4, AM. Has anyone else noticed that even if you turn Auto-Rotation off Like the game occasionally forgets you turned it off I believe that, it's your slowdown what pull towards targets, it might also snap to target like with auto rotation. I would recommend for playing them both off, weapons give a whole new "experience" sort of.

Personally, when i turned em both off, i have been enjoying bf1 far more, it makes the game actually a good and fun shooter, so give it a go i say. Why have double auto-rotation in the game if that is the case? That makes no sense at all September 5, AM. For some reason in all of the talk about auto rotation either being a good or bad thing. Should it be turned off or on? Is it a cheap mechanic that makes it too easy for people to aim?

This issue always gets overlooked. The fact that it messes up aiming when it's main purpose is supposed to be the opposite effect. There is a lot more than some "pull" with auto rotation off.

September 5, PM. I play on the Friday Night Fights DICE server and they have both turned off so it's either my imagination, or it does in fact "forget" that it's off. I've noticed a pull a couple times. Slowdown will track slightly if you are moving when they are moving. Auto rotation is very different, you can see the slowdown drag around here:.

September 5, PM edited September These are words taken directly from the Advanced Gameplay Options in the game. The description for both aim assists reads as follows. So common sense is telling me that if it does, then slow down aim assist is not working properly.

I don't care if people are abusing auto rotation.It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Categories Discussions. January 22, AM. I ask because I was under the impression before launch that it would not be there. Then on launch it was there. Then after a recent update it is no longer available as an option in the in-game "Gameplay" menu.

In-game, only slowdown appears as an option. I tried turning both off in the home screen menu, and turned slowdown off in the in-game menu and noticed no assistance at all.

However, when I then turned slowdown back on in the in-game settings, I noticed my gun following players on it's own when I was aiming down the sights, I checked after and auto rotation was still turned off in my home screen settings.

I usually play with slowdown off because I don't like it pulling my sights away from an enemy I'm aiming at when another enters my FOV, which I notice every time I use it, especially if I try it with a sniper rifle. I do often use it when playing with fully automatic weapons as I know that most players I am up against are probably doing and it would be harder to compete without it.

Questions: Is there still auto rotation? How does it work? If so, can I get one without the other? I have no issue with these being features in core gameplay but would genuinely appreciate answers to these questions so I can better understand the game.

Thank you. There's no AR in the MP. The Slowdown rotation slow your crossair on targets and also work like a magnet to help you stay on target. Auto rotation only snaps your crossair on an enemy player when you ADS near him.

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The reason you feel it pull your crossair hard, its because Dice made the stickiness much stronger, to compensate on not having Auto rotation in this game. If it helps, in the next patch they are going to add Slowdown rotation slider. And they are thinking of also adding separate slider for the stickiness. January 22, PM. What they should do is limit stickiness to close range only. I feel stupid asking, but what is auto rotation?

January 23, AM. I believe it's in the single player campaign but not online mp. Reply to this topic. Sign In or Register to comment. Howdy, Stranger! Sign In Register.Been asking around with the team on this today to understand why this wasn't publicized in our update notes and it's simply been missed off, and wasn't submitted through to me for publication.

Apologies for that no desire to hide it. There is an option to adjust this, unfortunately we have just discovered today that this only shows in the Main Menu version of Options, and not in the Options that shows during an active round. We are going to develop a fix for that and ensure that this can be modified and adjusted during a round.

That fix will likely ship early in the new year. A reminder that you will be able to find this today on consolebut only in the Front End Main Menu Options. Any chance of some clarity on this guys?

battlefield 5 aim assist auto rotation

Seems as though it was introduced in the 5. It specifically says in the options that aim assist snap on does NOT work in multiplayer. I'm told it's able to be changed in settings on the main menu but not in round.

If that proves not to be true let me know and I'll inform the team. You should have control over the feature is what I'm told, and if that's not the case I'll encourage it gets added as a slider in a future update.

Which was introduced in the 5.

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Your place for discussion, help, news, reviews, questions, screenshots, videos, gifs, and …. Original Post Direct link.

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Originally posted by SG Option to adjust only in the front end menu. Isn't game development something special? Some of the weirdest shit can happen unexpectedly. Originally posted by TheTeletrap Anyway to turn it off on console?

Thanks DICE for creating this toxic meta.

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BF5 summer trailer today!Enlisted: But ok. I think this thread was missing something I raise you a bf4, compared to the aim assist in 4 this game seems a million times less. On 4 it snaps to the player from miles away, in this game it doesn't.

Grodznuzutelbit said: I think this thread was missing something It's autists like you that give bad rep to pc gamers. Get rid of aim assists all together. Casuals need to learn. People comparing the aim assist in Battlefield to COD have no idea what they are saying.

COD has relatively no snap to and relies mostly on the slow down i. Bf3, 4 and Hardline introduced snap to into multiplayer which was never ever needed.

Bf3 was a suitable level as can be shown by the popularity of the competitive community on console, Bf4 and Hardline have a further buffed snap to for literally no reason. My suggestion would be to have:- -Stat dependent servers. Any player would be able to enter the disabled server versions but the ones with the snap to would be stat and rank dependant for example max Both would need to be met to restrict access kd 1. Battlefield 4 and hardline cant be called aim assist.

That response most certainly proved that the aim-assist in hardline is non-existent. I checked Call of Duty AW and there is almost no aim assist compared to bf4 and bfh. I battlefield series game plays for you, at least CoD doesnt have snap to target aka aim bot. I agree! The CoD: AW aim assist is almost perfect. I think that the aim assist is very well balanced on this game. Come on If you are a PRO you can always turn it off! Thumb up for aim assist!! Big differences. And it works very well.

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For a more detailed explanation of the rules, click here. Discussion Remove the goddamn aim assist and auto rotation. Plenty of posts about removing or at least putting it back to where it was pre 5. Why get better when the game can just do it for you?? I noticed this more than even the ttk, nothing more annoying than aiming at a couple enemies close together and having your sight be pulled in one direction.

I can't believe that it is now the Battlefield series' players suffering from Aim Assist.

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They'll leave it in because they want it to be EZ mode so all the casuals will stay and buy their MTX. I mean, it's a setting that you can disable. Most weapons aren't blatently OP enough to be problematic with it enabled. I know it can be disabled, I'm talking about the buff they did to it.

battlefield 5 aim assist auto rotation

They need to dial it back to where it was before the update. Most scrub players aren't going to disable it when they can use it for a substitute for having no skill with it. Except it interferes in any precision scenerios. Most scrub players get annoyed when they miss good shots because it followed another guy who zipped by. I definately get what you mean, but the only assistance it offers is walking blind into a hallway guns blazing.

I know what you mean, it's that panic snap to target that kills you that I hate. You have the beat on someone and they cod snap to you.It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Categories Discussions. February 16, PM. Yes, auto rotation was nerfed in the September patch. Your crosshairs now snap to the nearest limb instead of their chest, and the snap zone has been dramatically reduced.

Slowdown seems to be much stronger since February patch, though. February 16, PM edited February It was the first half of TUTI wasn't it? Those first few days where all the infantry rifle scouts were rudely awoken to their own inability to aim was the greatest thing ever. So many tears. February 17, AM. MMB,What do u mean by slow down? Lol I feel your pain,I never got the joy of ranking up with ease and unlocking all weapons before this was nerfed,oh well I guess I'll have to do it the hard way!

I always seem to just miss the boat on these things lol. February 17, PM. Some weapons such as the martini Henry are better with it on but most others off. So the auto rotation will still pull the crosshairs to a target,just not center mass?!

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February 17, PM edited February Ok thx I'll keep that in mind. Reply to this topic.

Aim assist/auto rotation

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